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Fair trade, political consumerism and moral purchasing trends are coming together to create what we call moral purchasing power:

Consumerium is a not-for-profit project to focus that power. We are collaborating under the GFDL license, to design a healthy buying infrastructure. We are identifying hardware requirements for storage, transport and display of varying levels of product information to consumers at the point of purchase. We hope to be part of an evolving healthy signal infrastructure that all essential projects can participate in. Also see the Consumerium:FAQ about the project itself. Here is a summary of Consumerium Services of interest to the end user:

Advice (the Consumerium buying signal) will probably be seen by the end user as a red/yellow/green light traffic-type signal, or as a score easily translated into a price premium, or as a note in Simple English about issues with, or merits of, the product. All rely on Signal Wiki comments compiled by software using a wikitext standard. Semantic link standards may be required also. A deeper Research Wiki backs the signal and permits arbitrary faction debate, development of individual and institutional buying criteria.
Realtime release of this advice (in whatever form) to a worn device is keyed to bar codes. It may rely on frequently updated data embedded in worn devices, and/or dynamic retrieval via short-range wireless to the retail shelf. Where possible, reasons for making buying decisions, or refusing a certain product, will go as feedback to the producers via the Research Wiki. This will affect institutional buying criteria atall points in the supply chain, enhance the consumer experience by providing a feeling of power, advance improved product development and keep this planet as hospitable as possible for human and other natural life.

We invite you to participate by editing proposals and discussions below. Any page can be edited by anyone, or restored to a previous state by anyone, which is the convention we assume will also apply in operation in this (combined) Research and Development Wiki; Please see What Consumerium RD Wiki is not, guidelines and rules for do's and dont's

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