Healthy buying infrastructure

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    The healthy buying infrastructure is what supports Consumerium Services. We have evaluated its many hardware requirements and that work is still ongoing.

    We are a long way from knowing what kind of healthy signal infrastructure could or should support Consumerium. One thing for sure is that it must itself be an example of moral purchasing. To set up a moral network relying on parts or pieces or processes that are themselves wasteful, immoral or polluting would really not send the right message, and would probably make us into laughingstocks. At the very least we should meet ISO 14000 standards and ISO 19011 as well. Infrastructural capital for sending any kind of communications signal tends to make toxic waste and become obsolete too quickly, so we should rely on modular hardware and hardware standards like Bluetooth for instance when they are mature.

    We also need to evaluate protocol requirements and software requirements for the server software (not just the obvious Wiki code and Chat code) required to make this work.