Consumerium:Welcome, newcomers

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    Are you a new troll? If not:

    Read the Consumerium:User summary first. Then choose:

    A) Just wondering what is this? go -> The Motivation that fueled the Original Concept -> Our Planned Features -> Philosophy -> Executive summary

    B) New to wiki? go -> w:How to edit a page and please do remember to come back -> Wiki linking -> Common abbreviations

    C) Wikipedian? go -> Rules-> What Consumerium RD Wiki is not -> Guidelines -> Interwiki linking

    D) Documentation-happy? go -> Cookbook to see a strategic focus where we want to affect buying habits OR Research OR suggest some features

    E) EditBot? go -> away.

    Note: Many IE clients have problems detecting correctly when a page has changed (this may be due to piratism on your behalf). If you notice this behaviour you can press CTRL+Refresh to do a force-refresh.

    The Special:Preferences page lies about the system clock, it's not in UTC, but UTC+3, so keep that in mind to get the times presented correctly.

    Disinfopedia Welcome page has good advice and links to stuff on point of view as opposed to Wikipedia:Neutral point of view that is enforced in Wikipedia