Interesting software

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    • GOCR a GPL OCR that can identify barcodes. GOCR is able to recognize and translate barcode from barpattern and from text below the barcode. At the moment its limited to vertical bars (scan must have right orientation and good resolution).
    • Python Wikipedia Robot Framework- A framework for writing robots to crawl Wikipedia set of inter-lingual encyclopedias, with the goal of standardizing content or otherwise making minor modifications to the articles of the encyclopedia including making interwiki links.
    • Twisted an integrated framework that supports a myriad of standards written in Python
    • C-Arbre project - GPL CMS with some kind of integrated MediaWiki engine with group management hacks and extensive XML capabilities
    • P2Pmap - insightful peer-to-peer mapping systems
    • JXTA - Java P2P service platform: secure bandwidth, processing power, storage and backup sharing
    • GNU Barcode program Generates postscript files of UPC, EAN, ISBN, CODE39 and other encoding standards
    • The GNU.Free e-democracy software development has been discontinued, but the software is still available. It's in Java and could be useful in governing campaigns. See also voting system options described in wikipedia (very comprehensive, with examples, tradeoffs of different systems).
    • - The gSOAP toolkit is a cross-platform development environment for C and C++ SOAP/XML Web services (SOAP 1.1/1.2, WSDL 1.1). gSOAP supports XML serialization of native C and C++ data types.