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    Simple is beautiful, natural and good. Or is it some other way around?

    Philosophy boils down to that if we combine information about production processes, buying power and compassionate hearts then something good will come out of it.

    Consumerium does not seek to artificially alter the functioning of market economy, lazy as we are, we leave that to the politicians.

    Consumerium simply aims to make things more transparent to the consumer so s/he can see further and exert moral purchasing power with the same $$$ as before. It is up to the consumer to decide what to do with this enhanced view into economic processes and increased power, if anything.

    Products in the common case consist of three things: Material, Information and Energy. To merge or forge or transform materials is actually embedding information into the material which takes energy to do.

    We would like in particular to avoid governance problems that arise when we trust our own judgement too much, permit bad examples from elsewhere to be mimicked without justification, allow conflicts of interest, etc.