Individual buying criteria

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    Individual buying criteria is crystalised in what service you need in most cases a product or product group that serves a purpose you feel you need served. This is your primary criteria. There may be groups that want you to substitute the product with something else

    Whenever there are many alternative products that serve the same purpose you have to possibility to effect secondary criteria that

    • Have to be stated explicitly, so there is a chance of finding out whether something satisfies that criteria or not
    • Determining whether they are met has to be either up to a group or faction or organization the individual trusts, or, done by self with the detailed data for every single item

    Criteria could be medical (including dietary prescriptions, allergies), ethical (a comprehensive outcome that includes some things you don't like and won't be part of), political (like ethical but could include rejecting things that come from types of companies or even types of countries since they tolerate or work with those who violate your ethical criteria), social and ecological (like the buy local imperative).