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    All new development is at sourceforge so what is here should be considered outdated

    The DTDs are @ http://www.consumerium.org/XML/DTD/filename.dtd

    I know, we should set up an CVS, this is a mess and not good browsing/editing at the moment. Please bear with us. If you want to contribute new DTDs please email them to [1]

    We should propably set up pages for discussing each DTD, it's requirements and what needs it serves, with references to Features.


    Long-term important, please review

    places and times

    • m:spacetime_DTD (This is necessary for automatic relation mapping and borders of )

    Spacetime is critical to match suppliers and buyers of non-offensive goods in space and time, without which, buyers may have no choice but to buy offensive goods. It is critical also to identifying borders of natural ecoregions as they exist or as they are degraded over time. This is useful to graphically show the impacts e.g. of w:deforestation.

    Ecoregion is critical since an export of exactly the same consumer good from one ecological region may be harmless or even constructive, while an export of the same good from another may be devastating, e.g. exporting water from arid regions versus those with icebergs, e.g. exporting pulp wood from tropical forests versus managed temperate tree farms, e.g. cattle living on former deforested rainforest land versus natural pasture.


    All persons could have a double identity in consumerium. One of a employee (participating in an production process) and one of a consumer (participating in consumption). Some people have multiple jobs simultaneously and this must be taken into account. These different roles can be unconnectable or unified if the person desires so.

    coordination with non-XML name spaces

    If these DTDs are not standard with large scale data sources like wikipedia and all other projects using the GNU GFDL, they will not be used to maximum extent, and the information available will be limited or flawed. Thus early standardization of these tags is extremely important to consumerium, even if it finds some of them problematic politically.

    Also XML tags may not be the only or best place to express some standards, e.g. ecoregion DNS entries or the dictionary also express name-spaces for public use, and may be more appropriate for nouns or verbs useful more generally than consumerium.

    Not functioning, under construction

    • XML/DTD/product_group.dtd I've done some work on product_group.dtd, but it's not working. I'm thinking that product_group-nodes could be arranged to multiple trees (production tree, product substitution tree) and directed networks to reflect the different roles of a product_group in different contexts.