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See MediaWiki extensions page about the extensions that are needed. Making modifications to the MediaWiki itself is no longer necessary as the extension system has been introduced. This is great news to us since we don't have to worry about keeping a modified MediaWiki current with the mediawiki proper development tree.

MediaWiki has gained powerful features along the years since this R&D wiki was founded in 2003-03-10. These include: extra namespaces, templates that will be used heavily to insert masses of categories onto articles, extensions and widgets

Lower priority[edit]

  1. GetWiki-like "leech" feature - mirror whole GFDL corpus dynamically - [✔] - See LinkedWiki extension and Import WP extension that implement most of this
  2. XML-import for feeds from other GFDL sources - [✔] - Implemented in core MediaWiki ( Special:Import ) since <unknown>
  3. Automatic coding for different user types: red==unintroduced, green==Verified User and blue==Normal User
  4. automatic stub generation - [✔] - Implemented partially by HeaderFooter extension, Include Wp extension, HideEmptySections extension and Labelled Section Transclusion etc.

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