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Want to become a contributor? Here's how:

  • You could help the project by doing Research or giving us pointers on research resources.
  • The Planned features need fine tuning and research into the feasibility of each one.
  • You could take a look at the Wikipedia-articles deemed as "complete" (ie. not under Research) and see what we've missed.
  • The FAQ is quite empty. If you think that there is some question that is not anwsered on the FAQ or other pages you could put it there. Questions regarding how to go about things in the R&D Wiki should go to Village pump
  • If you know of an interesting resource you should add it to the appropriate section of our Links.
  • If you have knowledge on licensing issues regarding open source software or open content systems you should go to Licenses
  • We really could use an flash, svg or other brief animation to illustrate the functioning of the system if/when it gets built
  • Web-designers needed. It would be a good idea to have an RSS-aggregator, that would aggregate all high-quality XML-development related feed on among other things. Executive summary, Consumer summary and other non-wikified pages could also go there.
  • Invite more trolls - they really do work hard and we need more!
  • Many articles are incomplete. Help us fix them
  • Add or suggest articles that you think are necessary or useful.
  • If you feel you've contributed to the project please feel free to add your Consumerium slogan