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    Guidelines[edit | edit source]

    Editing[edit | edit source]

    • If your edits on an article introduce text that is bound to different contexts do one edit for each context. Avoid serial editing when illustrating or describing a single point

    Using Summary-feature[edit | edit source]

    • Do write descriptive Summaries for the sake of us all and also for Page history usability. If content is strongly changed indicate that in the Summary. A good idea is to first preview your edit and copy essential points from the preview text, not the wiki source for better readability
    • When starting a new article include a summary of contents or copy parts of the first paragraph and insert ... three dots to indicate that this is a sniplet of the actual article.

    Minor vs. Non-Minor edits[edit | edit source]

    • Mark changes this is a minor edit if semantical content is not changed by the edit ie. it is minor rewording without any change in meaning or formatting or naturally typo corrections

    Using REDIRECTs[edit | edit source]

    • If you are creating a #REDIRECT, please copy the whole redirect directive to the Summary
    • If a redirect is replaced, please ensure the link is retained in the first paragraph or an intro phrase, the redirects are there for a reason

    Do's[edit | edit source]

    • Do use the "Show Preview"-button extensively.

    Do Not's[edit | edit source]

    See also Rules

    POV[edit | edit source]

    • If you have general information you might want to contribute it to Wikipedia and post a reference to Wikipedia if it's a "closed" case or Research if it's still "open".

    Copying from other GFDL sources[edit | edit source]

    • Use ---- {{MSG:fromwp}} as a footer (put it to the end of the article) to mark articles adapted from Wikipedia
    • Use ---- {{MSG:fromdp}} as a footer to mark articles adapted from Disinfopedia
    • Use ---- {{MSG:fromwi}} as a footer to mark articles adapted from Wikinfo
    • Use ---- {{MSG:fromrp}} as a footer to mark articles adapted from Recyclopedia

    The GFDL does not actually require any such markings, nor should it (they would complicate combining the various sources, among other things, and make some user interfaces to the GFDL text corpus appear to be more important than others). However, they should be included where it is desirable that the reader add more information via another web service. Try to include links to those articles at those other services if a typical reader would likely have details or updates more relevant to them than to Consumerium Services. For instance, rather than get into the details of a misleading PR campaign here, it would be better to put that in Disinfopedia. And rather than allow some overly lengthy description of any one group or its good work, put that in Wikinfo. And if it's from a faction that is seeking something other than moral purchasing, Recyclopedia will probably be more interested.

    Standards usage[edit | edit source]

    • Use the SI-system for measurements (it's cheaper for computers to process kilograms and meters and so forth)
    • Use the UK way for types of companies, Americans use Inc for all types of Incorporated bodies.
    • Use w:ISO 639 language codes for identifying languages, e.g. "en" is "english".
    • USE ISO 3166-1 (remember CAPITALISED, so we can tell even in Wiki what refers to language and what to a COUNTRY) for COUNTRY CODES since, it's freely available and several other standards use these for prefix, so it'll make the code run faster if we don't have to lookup w:ISO 3166-1 codes from tables all the time.
    • On spelling: International English uses mostly British spellings which are taught in most of the world. Also concepts like "honour" (British, Australian, Canadian, India, etc.) probably mean something different than "honor" (American) if you judge by actual behavior, so, perhaps both words now have meaning.

    For Consistency in Editing[edit | edit source]

    • When editing pages please pay attention to the desired order of additions if it is stated on the top of the page (Chronological, Reverse Chronological, Alphabetical, By Category)
    • It could be a good idea to set up a scratchpad (like: User:Juxo/Scratchpad for yourself, it's easier to produce high quality texts if you start them somewhere, where they aren't supposed or required to make sense in the begining. This also supports finding better article names since you can see what your scribbling turns to in a few edits.

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