Fair trade

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    General definition of fair trade[edit | edit source]

    Fair trade means that the producer of the product gets a reasonable compensation, that is over the world market price, for her/his work.

    The fair trade compensation scheme tries to guarantee a compensation which (roughly in order of importance):

    • covers production costs
    • is enough for sustained living
    • contains a premium to enable investments
    • is guaranteed over a long period of time, thus providing for economic security and the possibility of planning ahead

    Fair Trade and Consumerium[edit | edit source]

    • FLO defines and audits the "fair trade"-labels and consumerium provides additional information (not present on the packaging at the moment) on how long the Point-of-Production and traders have been certified by FLO. This can be used to assess companies if the consumer wants to reward companies for taking risk in entering the Fair trade field early on. Also current and past breaches of fair trade regulations shall be stored and displayed if wanted by consumer.

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