Red light

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Red light means do not buy. It is presumably what you see when you swipe the barcode of a product whose price premium plus its retail price is not cheap enough to make you buy it.

It assumes that some price and price premium data have been compared, and that there is another option that is better that can be substituted.

Or, more likely, a total boycott of that coded product. In this case, it means do not buy at any price. But at the point of purchase no one can see that this product is always generating red lights everywhere, and for everyone.

A yellow light is a less strict and more common way to signal a problem with purchasing a given product, or a price at which one should buy it (but not for a higher price). A green light just means "buy", and like the red can be "at any price". KitKat McFlurry for instance is red only.

How to know when to let the red light glow[edit]