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Wikitext standard

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Consumerium may have to lead the wikitext standard in some ways: authentication, ecoregion tags, capital commitments, and ownership come to mind, maybe tendency and faction attribution. None of this is very clear yet.

What is clear already is that asking text searches and poorly standardized tagging isn't going to work, when we want very reliable information to be conveyed to the point of purchase from the friendly troll.

See interwiki link standard, standard wiki URI and interwiki identity standard for related issues that apply especially within the GFDL text corpus.

See en: Metaweb: wikitext standard for a more abstract discussion of how this may evolve and which online service is doing what first or best, and en: Wikinfo: wikitext standard for discussion of their integration in a GetWiki context.

See en: Meta-Wikipedia: wikitext standard for a more down to earth discussion of what can be done right now.

See Consumerium Concepts for some things that may need to be directly part of the standard.

See also WikiPageInterchange on IntComm wiki.