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Development[edit | edit source]

Welcome, newcomers. This is the Development Wiki, formerly know as the R&D Wiki, where we are planning operation of Research Wiki, Opinion Wiki and Publish Wiki(s)

This wiki has been online since March 2003 and the original mission statement was published in April 2002. Timeline of Consumerium tracks the most prominent changes in our development work.

Originally the plan was to store information in XML and rely heavily on systemic checks on data at entry time. Nowerdays the plan has shifted to utilizing wikis and peer-review for accuracy.

We are aiming to get Consumerium Services into the shelf front where the purchasing decisions are made, but it looks much more likely that we are going to focus on enabling changing repeat-buy behaviour, so called Checkout Consumerium where you grab the product identification information to your cell phone via Near Field Communication and then touch your home computer to examine alternate consumption choices.

What's going on?[edit | edit source]

It's mostly about some view point disagreements and disagreements about various ISMs. Also opposition for re-introduction of Opinion Wiki into the total plan of how to make this workable in the real world is heated.

Much attention is needed to define the Consumerium:Intermediate page types to enable us to launch a Research Wiki pilot. Also Simple model for expressing opinions (within Research Wiki) should be sanity checked and details scrutinized in the light of usability and software performance.

Research[edit | edit source]

Research Wiki will have an English interface but research in all relevant languages is conducted there in a similar manner as at Wikibooks.

Research wiki will be troll-friendly ie. it allows trolling by troll(s) and is not accessible to external search engines to minimize the possibility of legal challenges such as libel accusations and to enable free circulation of fiction. This development wiki has caused some aggravation in Wikimedia circles due to the numerous Anti Wikipedia Rants and we hope to avoid such confrontation in the future.

Currently research is dispersed to multiple sites such as Wikipedia for generic, encyclopedic information, CorpKnowPedia for information on corporations and Wiktionary for translation needs. This is not a problem since all points of research are licensed under GFDL

Note: there is no ontological distinction between research and opinion: research is the opinion of a researcher. And anyone can be a "researcher". Thus, opinions are indistinguishable from other forms of research - except that one could say "facts are research, and analysis is opinion."

There's some question of what to do with Critical Point of View articles that don't even pretend to be neutral. These are part of "research" but must be clearly marked - maybe awaiting answer recommendation filters?

They are often drawn from outside text, maybe via corpus import, e.g.campaigns for and against some entity: company, product group, individual product, area (country, ecoregion. They may be a piece of advertising which is clearly promotional.

Separating them is unwise. An opinion starts as the lowest-credibility form of research, undergoes TIPAESA debate, and those who provide it will often be engaged with the Lowest Troll to determine if the authors or transmitters or republishers are funded trolls being paid to trash or promote some commercial service. But no one will volunteer to separate "research" from "opinion" and to do so simply creates unaccountable sysop power structure.

Publish[edit | edit source]

Publish Wiki will be updated from Research Wiki and Opinion Wiki upon approval by some algorithm that probably involves both trusted people and formal algorithms. How the approval process works and how it may be reversed is a key question that needs to be solved before we proceed to the future - see answer recommendation, edits, votes and bets for some approaches.

We will start with the English language Publish Wiki and other languages will be set up when there is demand.

An important test of the publish wiki is that it must be able to filter out the opinions the Consumerium Governance Organization can't sanction from the research that it exists to broadcast. That can't be done by simply asking or requiring that contributors "properly" label it! Neutrality is always a fight.

Services[edit | edit source]

Features and Consumerium Services outline the services we intend to provide to the consumer. Feature known as Advertisement Video, which could be in 3GPP format which is playable on today's smartphones, should act as an source of revenue where the producer is debited a small amount of money for each view of the advertisement. In addition to providing revenue to the project this is an important extra-wiki feature in the sense that it allows for video marketing for small businesses with low volume products.

Hardware[edit | edit source]

Originally the introduction of Bluetooth sparked the concept of Consumerium Itself but the slow adaption and complexity of using Bluetooth has lead us to plan for Near Field Communication devices to be adapted rapidly to enable Checkout Consumerium for starters where information is delievered after the purchase has happened and can be examined to affect repeat-buy behaviour.

Hacking[edit | edit source]

We are in need of PHP coders to implement MediaWiki modifications needed for smooth operation. Special focus is needed on developing the Export-import functionality to an adequate level for smooth Consumerium maintenance. At a later date a dedicated Consumer Agent may be developed for providing automatic comparisons.

Trolling[edit | edit source]

The basic philosophical stance of trolling is compactly presented in Trollism an almost entirely diametrical to that of Sysopism

Consumerium Development Wiki could humorously be called "the encyclopedia of trolling" so far has our main troll, 142.177.X.X, trolled with the help of other trolls, some choosing a maybe shared account, some choosing to remain anonymous identified only by IP number

Trolls are determined to fight for a troll-friendly wiki, which given that there are different wikis will be allowed only on Research Wiki. Trolls are fiercely against Sysop vandalism, Sysop vigilantiism, Developer vigilantiism, Sysopism, Sysops, Sysop power structures, GodKing reliant wiki culture, Ad hominem delete, Ad hominem revert, Outing (usually of Trolls or Trollherds), Usurpers, Groupthink, Spun threats and other Framing, Hard security such as Block IP and Systematic bias in Large public wikis resulting from abefore mentioned but often failing to see the necessity of applying Ad hominem approval since no one has the time to read all that is being written even in this development stage. Trolls also resist use real names policies systematically.

Trolls are for an unified GFDL text corpus that is independent of GFDL corpus access providers.

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