Consumer Agent

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    The development is focused on providing an XHTML interface first and then if someone has the spare time, motivation and know-how a dedicated client may be developed

    The Consumer Agent / Consumium app is a small agent program that resides in the consumer's terminal (cell phone or pda) that provides the UI to the information in the Consumerium network and computes Automatic Comparisons whenever needed.

    Reading the digits under 1D barcodes is a reality on mobile devices today in the 10's has been implemented. 2D barcodes and NFC tags placed under the shelf tags are possible future developments in product identification.

    Plans for functionalities[edit | edit source]

    • Acquire product id from camera device ( OCR the characters under the 1D barcode and/or product recognition from photo of product ). Support 2D barcodes and NFC. Scan stations that transmit over NFC touch.
    • Acquire business id from Consumium database based on product id
    • Display wiki article
    • Voting and results systems
    • Metrics
    • Reviews read & write
    • Feedback forms
    • Links to selected essential projects and interesting projects

    Platforms:[edit | edit source]

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows phone
    • Sailfish / Ubuntu phone
    • Others ?

    This will be implemented as a C++ program for Symbian OS or Pocket PC devices and Midlet (Java MIDP) for broadest possible support of terminals