Ontological distinction

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    An ontological distinction is one so basic as to effectively create a POV in the person applying it or even just believing in it. For instance to believe that "there is such a thing as a troll", objectively, creates a strange belief system which seems to be the basis of sysop power structure.

    Ontological confusion is however more commonly observed, and easier to verify. Refusing to distinguish moral from technological or operational authority justifies technological escalation and developer vigilantiism. To believe that "a sysop cannot possibly be a vandal" creates the Sysop Vandal point of view in which no matter what the sysop power structure does, it cannot be vandalism, even if it obviously is, from an unbiased third party point of view, i.e. the New Troll point of view which has not yet been corrupted by systemic bias, i.e. "neutral point of view".

    Operational distinction is much simpler and less controversial and does not create or imply any POV. It is possible to say objectively that an IP range block exists, or that an article is on Votes for deletion, or even that its neutrality is disputed, without necessarily having any particular POV or accepting any particular authority.

    Failing to distinguish ontological distinctions like "who are the trolls" from operational ones like "what IP numbers have been blocked in the past" is the basis of Wikimedia corruption. Those confusions which serve the interests of Bomis corporation will be noticed and clarified, while those that do not, will not be.