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    Consudev:Contributor interests are not the essential projects, interesting projects, hardware requirements or protocol requirements. Just because two or more people share an interest in something doesn't mean that Consumerium Services must become a testbed for it! See Consumerium Concepts for what directly impacts the services themselves.

    Disclaimer: Consumerium:Contributor interests are declared voluntarily and do not imply any membership in the Consumerium Social Club or any faction supporting or promoting any of the interests or technologies below. Consumerium isn't a place for pro-technology propaganda. No sanction will apply to those who do not declare their interests, or don't care to contribute to any community point of view on them. The Lowest Troll will bite anyone on the leg who tries to advance technologies or concepts just because some contributors like them, as opposed to proving they are necessary and actually meet performance requirements and protocol requirements.

    by subject(s) of interest:

    wikitext standard

    Wiki code development

    • Juxo (I'm not really technically oriented, but I try to pitch in)

    data entry

    data capture

    Company interrelation mining from the internet would be of great interest. This information could not directly be included but used to guide Researchers more efficiently.

    distributed database

    I don't think we are going for distributed database approach, but multi-wiki import-export and synchronization is of interest, which is sort of related to distributed databases

    office information systems

    e-waste, healthy signal infrastructure, worn devices, tantallum

    applied math

    efficient frontier analysis

    real life



    Cookbook ( project), Kitchenblogs...



    commodity markets, Stock markets, Pensions funds, Currency markets, employability, unemployment, GDP vs. NDP vs. ecological yield vs. nature's services, role of capital (economics) in accounting standards, accounting reform and monetary reform


    Individual buying criteria, institutional buying criteria, consumer preferences, Features, Consumerium Services

    market mechanics

    information asymmetry

    What is w:information asymmetry

    price discrimination

    What is w:price discrimination?

    prediction markets

    revert currency

    social studies

    Employability, Workers' rights, slavery, child labour



    History of trade, international trade, globalization, history of economics, history of equities

    project evolution

    volunteer recruiting