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The Consumerium Researcher is

Ideally, they would learn ConsuML and criticizing it in depth when it doesn't do a good job of representing these concerns.
  • To customize research to deal with as many strictly local concerns as possible, and actively do researcher outreach to find local researchers who know local conditions
Discover appropriate technology options that better suit specific regions or nations.
If there is a dispute, then some Consumerium Process will be applied and no external legal threats will be applied, e.g. to restrict access to data
Responsible to report abuse of power by a Consumerium:Sysop if there is any sign of factional favouritism, and to call for certain abusive users (e.g. those who "talk and log") to be driven off by trolls from time to time.
To neither request nor use any security feature that would cause services to cease to be troll-friendly. To not advocate any permission-based models which necessarily disadvantage the New Troll point of view. To avoid forming a researchers clique or cabal that would control the information.