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    Consumer Shelf front Preferences



    Do you wish to input and store an email address to your client?

    -> Yes
    1. Do you wish to send feedback with your email address
    2. or without your email address
    3. or do you want this question to be asked for every feedback you send?
    -> No
    • All feedback you send will be anonymous, You have no possibility to get personal feedback to your feedback. Recipients are likely to be less interested in Anonymous Cowards then self-confident consumers

    Language preferences

    Please choose languages you accept information in. If some subarticle or other information is not available in your native tongue you may see that part in an another language you choose here to accept

    Preconfigured preferences?

    Do you wish to get a preconfigured preferences package from some NGO or a friend or make your own preferences?

    -> Preconfigured
    • Choose a package
    • Do you wish to detach the preferences from source or keep them linked so that when the author of preferences package updates it the updates will be applied to your preferences too?
      • ->Detached -> It is your own responsibility to keep your preferences up-to-date with the changing situations
      • -> Linked: You will receive a briefing of what has changed each time your preferences provider updates your package. There are still some preferences that are so personal that they cannot be preconfigured. You also have the option to override any preference you like, by detaching it from source. You may resync it with your source later on.
    -> Do It Yourself: Have fun. This will take several hours

    Do you want to make some additional information available to other parties?

    Consumerium Governance Organization, your retailer and producers would like to know some additional information about you to serve you better. Do you wish to give some information to one or more of these parties? A confirmation-challenge email will be sent to your email address if you specified one. After we receive your confirmation all additional information will be detached from your email address to protect your privacy in the unlikely case that the Consumerium Vault gets cracked.


    Collation preferences

    Please choose the order you wish to see the subarticles collated. Placing most interesting ones to the top to save time.

    Live or verified wiki?

    Do you wish to see articles from the live wiki or would you like to remain more safe from pranks by requiring signatures in articles.

    Trusted auditors / signers

    Please choose at least one group whose signature you trust.

    Do you wish to enable one or more of your trusted groups you just chose to choose more groups for you to trust?

    Area preferences

    Do you wish to personally choose areas to support and to avoid, such as your home country, countries with agreeable policies, countries with disagreeable policies?

    Energy preferences

    Do you wish to prefer some types of energy over others eg. Renewable, Fossil, Nuclear etc.

    Opinion Wiki evaluation preferences

    Choose the ratio in which you want to have Indirect Votes and Direct Votes combined to provide a composite view.


    There is a problem of keeping consumer personal preferences safe. Proposed ideas have included:

    • Store the data encrypted and give the key only to the consumer. This way the data persists in the network and can be made available for server side processing (quite necessary for plain XHTML UI) and disposed of after the consumer has left the network.
    • Store the data within the Consumer Agent residing in the consumers personal mobile terminal /scanner. The consumer agent can then give snipplets of the preferences and other data to the network on a on-demand basis.
    • Store the data on a smart card carried by the consumer, and available to him on demand at any kiosk.