Revert currency

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    A revert currency attempts to quantify the reputation or contribution of Consumerium:contributors and "identify trouble-makers" who revert material that is valid, or write material that is invalid. It may limit ad hominem revert, as the reversion of valid text would show up as negative transaction as soon as it was restored. It may however reinforce a cabal, clique or sysop power structure ruled by same or by GodKing, who will ensure that the text does not return, valid or not. This is analogous to central bank currency controls in a global economy, which can disempower local cliques but strongly empower a global one (see writings of George Soros on this question).

    It seems however to be much preferable to hierarchy and authority schemes with no accountability, and no disincentive for sysop vandalism whatsoever.


    From all this however, it is not clear how a currency would encourage good edits, or if sysop vandalism would reduce. For instance, usurper sysops can continue to do ad hominem revert and cause the currency of their enemies to go down, using their sysop power structure to reinforce itself but making it look as if they are censoring low-credibility people. More research is needed. Like real currency and credit systems, which are constantly manipulated in this way, by real power structure, lots of checks and balances are required.