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Employability is calculated the using the following formula:

Number of employment years provided / Million of € of vested capital

The ever increasing productivity from more advanced science and technology has lead to a situation where employment in industry is on a decline and people are losing their jobs due to increse in automation and to productive factories are relocated to countries where workforce is cheaper and perhaps taxes are lower. This is a big concern in Finland and likewise in many industrialised countries

The Concept of Employability[edit]

Employability is the ratio in which employment provided by some company in some country is compared to it's cashflow or assets. Which is more useful as an instrument to measure how much employment a purchase causes should be discussed.

At least Jobs per Assets or JA should provide a useful meter to measure how much employment per capital is generated.

Some consumers might be ready to pay a price premium to companies that provide more employment then the competing product, if they can be very directly compared.

motivation for tax shift[edit]

One motivation for a green tax shift is that it reduces taxes on labour, by increasing taxes on waste and resource use, and so improves employability.