Workers' rights

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    Workers' rights information is important to a concerned consumer since globalization enables capital and production to move faster and faster there is need for solidarity of consumers to workers worldwide.

    The question is about information on how well or how badly the supply chain treats it's employees.

    Let's face it. Most people will rather sweat then go on being hungry, but the rampantant exploitation of this fact for sheer greed has to be put in check as soon as possible.

    A sane starting point for examining the problematic question of Workers' Rights is asking whether a company complies with ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, which states four primary needs of a happy worker:

    1. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;
    2. The elimination of forced and compulsory labour;
    3. The abolition of child labour, and;
    4. The elimination of discrimination in the workplace.

    When these are upheld the next level is ensuring proper tools, safety and equipment for workers by dynamics of Workplace Upgrade Requests wherein workers communicate their needs to the Content Wiki and consumers communicate the necessity of fulfilling those requests to the company in question via Opinion Wiki and Content Wiki. Naturally fulfilled Workplace Upgrade Requests become Workplace Upgrades that are permanently recorded thus projecting the company in a good light for a long time.

    Everybody whose ever worked knows how crucial it is to have these things in order to feel appreciated as a worker, otherwise you'll likely experience the "moving sahara around with a junkie spoon"-feeling which is not good for anybody