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First known photo of me on the Internetz. Selfie taken in the University's test field in 2002.
This is me.

Juho Kunsola, Founder and Lowest Troll of, a geek with a difference, an academic CS drop-out, in Finland.

Juho recycles paper, cartons, glass, metals, plastics and biowaste. Juho also writes articles in Wikipedia, especially those relevant to Consumerium goals that have a significance for other folk too. Lately I've enjoyed editing Wikivoyage. I have done some Wiktionary edits back in the day. I live in Helsinki, Finland.


I invented the core concept of Consumerium in the Spring of 2000.

I was able to register on 2002-04-23 T 17:32:38Z thanks to Kalle Hallivuori's philantrophy i.e. sponsoring the domain name at and the hosting at I did not have a credit card so his patronage was crucial to get the effort rolling.

In the first phase started in April 2002 there was a static website that contained the motivation and goals and means of Consumerium. Unsurprisingly the website wasn't problem-free because I wasn't actually paying for the DreamWeaver we (Matias, Matias and me) used to make the website.

I put all the old and new material under w:GNU Free Documentation License on 2003-03-10

I put the first XML/DTDs under w:GNU General Public License on 2003-03-15

More info in the Timeline of Consumerium.

The new bilingual (English && Finnish) A6 cards for arrived in July 2020.

Contacting me[edit]

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Fun and useful[edit]

User:Jukeboksi's BBA studies 2012-2015 have yielded the following wikireaders best viewed in Wikipedia because of mw:Page Previews implemented by mw:Extension:Popups et al.: law and business, economics, basic internationalization, Logistics and SCM and more.
Natural Therapeutics is an ongoing work to chart nature's medicines.
You are welcome to Apotheker Jukeboksi's Basic Finnish for tourists and travelers by sauna visit guide intended for learning meaningful Finnish you might actually use.

Other sites operated by me[edit]

Stop Synthetic Filth! wiki - A call for resistance. SSF! wiki's How to protect yourself and others from covert modeling is a one good place to start to learn about various things to do to protect the humans, the communities, the judiciaries and the police and the humankind.

Stop Synthetic Filth! wiki - A call for resistance against disinformation filth that deceives or tries to deceive that it is w:human.

Below is a breakdown of the wiki contents linked

Synopses of SSF! wiki in other languages in SSF! wordpress - There Is a Way a suggestion for world peace by me since Autumn of 2004 diaspora* pod since July 2013. Diaspora* has great quality software, nice people and tons of quality posts. - My website / professional blog - Contract me. Do it nao! – blogging from 1000 clicks south of end of land. My freestyle blog - used to be at - There Is a Way - Pipedreamer, who? me?!?

Wikis that I used to have[edit] was a general-purpose continuation of a study wiki on business administration disciplines I kept 2012-2016 and it was phased out in 2020 and the contents were moved mostly to my user space. See Main Page of in Consumerium.
  • In 2012-2015 I studied for BBA in International Business at Haaga-Helia UAS and kept wikified notes at the BBA Studies
  • In 2016 I moved the contents of to

Some recommendable reading[edit]

Some items in Finnish[edit]

Innovations by Juho[edit]

Why Oh Why...? -section[edit]

  • And why is no-one developing a car where alarms/doors/ignition can be locked/unlocked using Bluetooth? Think of the dynamics this would add to w:Car sharing and rentals even leasing and back-leasing and owning cars fusing all of previous much closer (Time limited car keys, disposable car keys...). If Bluetooth became an industry standard in car locking it would seriously reduce the urge to own one in places where w:public transport is feasible.
For more in this look into User:Jukeboksi/Bluetooth Car
  • And why have I been editing for 16,5 hours straight. Seems I need a life. Jukeboksi 04:12 Apr 16, 2003 (EEST)

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