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This is like Kitchenblog exept that these are simple hacks for making nutritious or delicious moments out of simple out of the store products.


Chilli olives[edit]

This is a nice snack for any occasion.

  • Get some olives, preferably black, oily, tasty ones without the stones, non-filled ones
  • Drain fluids from the jar. Maybe use as fluid and salt in a soup or stew where you want olivy taste.
  • Insert plenty of Chilli powder
  • Shake
  • Insert some plain cooking oil
  • Shake
  • Put in the fridge and turn upside down every now and then
  • Drain the oil (you can save it and use for cooking something else) and serve

Fast food[edit]

see also Slow Food

Wiener tortillas[edit]

This is really quick tasty food especially suited for feeding kids.

Noodle variables[edit]

Noodles with frozen vegeatables[edit]

  • Get some instant noodles and a bag of frozen veggies (peas, peppers, cauliflower, beans whatever)
  • Sink the bag into warm water to pre-heat a little
  • Cook the noodles in the amount of water instructed for a soup (which is what the bag likely states, with the assumption that everyone wants noodle soup and not solid noodles)
  • Throw in the frozen veggies and heat untill veggies are hot/warm

Soup base hacks[edit]

Cheese soup with chicken and veggies[edit]

  • Get some powdered cheese soup, 300g of sliced chicken and a bag of frozen vegeatables
  • Sink the bag into warm water to pre-heat a little
  • Fry the chicken in a casserole add water and soup base
  • Bring to boil as instruced for the soup
  • Toss in the vegeatables and serve. You propably want to take the casserole off the stove to keep the veggies crunchy