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First, please read Consumerium:Consumer_FAQ and Consumerium:Brief introduction. Potential researchers please read Main Page Researcher while developers read Main Page Developer. Please also see and support other essential projects.

Consumerium is a not-for-profit project, being designed under GFDL license, to develop free software and infrastructure for storage, transport and display of varying levels of product information to consumers at the point of purchase.

This Main Page Consumer is to help you, the Consumerium:Consumer, do Consumerium Service access by HTTP. That is, just to browse the actual information about companies (on what we call Consumerium:intermediate pages) with some crude tools.

For now, you may aggregate a Consumerium buying signal as a printable page by making a watchlist of relevant pages, printing related changes, the summary to changes of which highlight the score and price premium of the relevant company or product per faction. That is, what Greens think of it, what Pinks think of it, etc.. More individual buying criteria will eventually be supported when healthy buying infrastructure is more established. To assure you that all of this is fair and accurate:

A Consumerium Governance Organization may also develop or aggregate other software to assist in the compilation and validation of information to guide purchasing. For integrity reasons and to prevent bad copies and misleading competitors, this may require a more specific Consumerium License regime.

Other fair trade and political consumerism essential projects may also help you do moral purchasing. Your moral purchasing power is what we attempt to focus with the Consumerium Services. One possible design:

Our front end will be seen by the end user as a red/yellow/green light traffic-type signal, or as a score easily translated into a price premium, or as a note in Simple English about issues with, or merits of, the product. Release of this advice is keyed to bar codes.
There are several ways to connect back to front end: we may rely on frequently updated data embedded in hand-held devices, and/or dynamic retrieval via short-range wireless to the shelf front. Where possible, reasons for making buying decisions, or refusing a certain product, will go as feedback to the producers.