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    Greens are a notable global faction of people with common values that transcend any country or ethnicity. They are very politically active and although they would rightfully have a place in defining basic scheme and ontology terms, e.g. those relating to safe trade and ecosystem health, the less disciplined types will form a big chunk of the Consumerium social club, and so there is some need to let them have a more explicit form of announcing themselves. Of all political spectrum tendency the Green is probably the best defined and most globally agreed on:

    The rest of what is said here is controversial and intends to summarize how Greens will fit into the Consumerium social club and influence perhaps the Consumerium Governance Organization. Since Greens must define their own values and concerns, no one who does not consider themselves a Green should edit this article - what is here is only for illustration & discussion, and a copy of the original has been archived, so feel free to edit this now. If you think you're being stereotyped, you're right, so please just fix this:

    Greens hate ape genocide because it kills and eats creatures so similar to us we should treat them like long-lost relatives, not dinner. They hate logging in general and not just when it leads to deforestation - "no old growth" is a concept they defined. They also dislike war since it provides excuses to use nuclear junk, and genetically modified food. They find overconsumption and overpopulation both to be true, whereas most people deny one or the other.

    Many Greens hate humans and become trolls, gnawing on vegan tofu as they type nasty stuff at you here. They think they are protecting their Mother, Earth, from "people like you," who think this page is "silly", etc.

    Their misanthropic exterior masks the most rational analysis of Earth's problems. Of all factions, Greens have been the most specific and scientific, and thus probably the most successful, at getting their factionally defined terms into the public mind and into the law and media. They are very focused, e.g. on safe trade. They often form Green Parties and split the vote even for their friends among the Pinks and Reds, and they are more willing to work in minority government than almost any other parties.

    Greenpeace is probably the world's most successful nonprofit at online organizing. We can learn a lot from them!

    The glossary arose from work towards a Green Documentation License, which may be used in the content wiki, since it will make reference to scientific and other validation, e.g. from ecology. There may or may not be similar validation requirements in the Consumerium License, but it seems likely.

    The Consumerium Governance Organization will have to decide if the well-organized Greens should be allowed to write a lot of basic definitions, since ecosystem health is obviously the most basic survival issue on Earth. or if a more representative group should be able to object. And, how much to intervene when Green trolls bite them on the leg for their objections.