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See Main Page style for some issues on how these pages work.

The Main Page Consumer appears at and is designed to help the Consumerium:Consumer do Consumerium Service access by HTTP. That is, just to browse the Consumerium:intermediate pages with some prototype Signal Wiki tools.

It may let them assemble an aggregate Consumerium buying signal, such as a printable page with their concerns or issues, similar to a watchlist or related changes, highlighted.
In time, it will be sensitive to their individual buying criteria and whatever institutional buying criteria or faction considerations they commit to.

It will include prominent links to the Consumerium:Consumer_FAQ.

It will have short notes to redirect potential Consumerium:Researchers to Main Page Researcher and Consumerium:Developers to Main Page Developer. Please keep in mind that these people are also consumers, and it is likely their concern as consumers that motivates their other work here.