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This page is what appears at as of March 12, 2004. We should move it to another consistent URL, see standard wiki URI.

The Main Page Developer appears at (just a suggestion, could redirect to and is designed to help the Consumerium:Developer realize best cases. It should refer to almost everything presently in the Development Wiki.

It will include prominent links to the Consumerium:Developer_FAQ. It will have short notes to redirect potential Consumerium:Researchers to Main Page Researcher, and end users who end up there to Main Page Consumer.

Consumerium buying signals will be very strongly affected by development work, so use of watchlist or related changes to review others' work, is required. Developers can't develop their own terminology entirely in silos.
The Recentchanges to what is linked from this page should be a reliable guide to keep developers up to date on terminology changes or policy debates. There should be overlap with researcher concerns so that issues where they must interact and cooperate are noted early.

Most developers will specialize in some terminal device or database management or content management problem, and probably do not use every programming language or know all wiki code. They may be more or less comfortable with audio, video, or text messages. Accordingly they are quite biased, and should in general not be the source of hardware requirements or performance requirements. That should be up to designers.

They are expected not to interfere with others whose expertise is much greater than theirs in some specific area. It is surprisingly how often developers think that they "know best", when they literally know nothing of constraints of the real world problem. Rather than referring to any Consumerium:Sysop, or wasting precious Lowest Troll attention, they should help refine the Consumerium Process when they find they are becoming users in conflict.