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    Pinks are a notable global faction of people with common values that transcend any country or ethnicity. It's a catch-all term as there are many people who believe that economy and society should be more humane and less competitive. These tend among other things to resist introducing elements such as a prediction market where people can profit from betting on disasters.

    The rest of what is said here is controversial and intends to summarize how Pinks will fit into the Consumerium social club and influence perhaps the Consumerium Governance Organization. Since Pinks must define their own values and concerns, no one who does not consider themselves a Pink should edit this article - what is here is only for illustration & discussion, and a copy of the original has been archived, so feel free to edit this now. If you think you're being stereotyped, you're right, so please just fix this:

    Used politically, Pinks refer to people who define themselves by sexuality: feminists, gays, lesbians, self-defined "queers", and others primarily concerned with social acceptance for everybody. They tend to really dislike gender-based or sexuality-based discrimination and refuse to buy from those who practice it.

    There will likely be a faction of Pinks in the Consumerium social club and they very likely will insist on some factionally defined terms or some standard labels for products produced with no gender or sex discrimination.

    Heroes of the Pinks include:

    More feminists please! Tell us where our perspective is penis-centric. We love it.

    Do you advocate the welfare state and transformative justice and empathic integrity and rights of the child and social democracy and a right to food and other human rights and an International Criminal Court? Like, that system can be made to work? If so you're a pink! (OK by this definition Green Parties are pinks, use your judgement)