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A factionally defined term is one that Consumerium Services themselves do not define. If such terms are visible in, or influence at all, the Consumerium buying signal, it is through a glossary defined by a faction through its own subset of the opinion wiki. Rules for this are not the same as those of the content wiki.

Individual buying criteria can of course ignore all factions, but this is not likely for most users, who will not have the time or expertise to go through all possibilities, and will almost certainly rely on some trusted authority or combination of same (making up a faction) to do this for them.

Some factionally defined terms may exist in the Consumerium License since it is certain to be a parametric license anyway. Effectively, it would be a "define your own consortium license". By supporting many widely varying schema for controlling the Consumerium buying signal, the individual's choices of who to trust are more meaningful, since they might control access to certain code or tests or trademarkable label data. That is, if you see a phrase like "no old growth", you want reassurance that this is the label that you see on wood in stores generally, and not the interpretation of someone who has decided to use those three words to express their own personal criteria and make them available to others. This might only be controllable via license - see licensed deliverables for more on the mechanics of labelling.