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Recyclopedia does not exist any more

Recyclopedia (at is probably the most closely aligned encyclopedia project using the wikitext standard pioneered by mediawiki and now better implemented in GetWiki. It appears to be an aspect of the Wikinfo project.

We might consider these to be the best prototype yet of the future Development Wiki; It is certainly going to attract like-minded people.

The odds of a typical Recyclopedia contributor becoming a Consumerium contributor are likely much higher than the odds of a Wikipedia, Metaweb or Disinfopedia contributor doing so. It seems that it is devoted to presenting a negotiated consensus between Reds and Greens and various anarchist views. Accordingly, if a lot of these users come over we may need to recruit some Blues or Pinks to balance these rather hardcore views. One problem at a time.

See some proposed Recyclopedia features to see if they converge with our needs here, and should perhaps be in GetWiki for their use and ours.

See also ThomasKalka's suggestion that become the German Recyclopedia - and would then be synonyms. Can our Lowest Troll help set up as well?