From Consumerium development wiki R&D Wiki is a very useful project that overcomes many of the problems of Wikipedia and Disinfopedia, which are both based on bad models that freeze editorial bias of the community point of view or just that of the sysop power structure (which is actually worse).

    It used to run on GetWiki, which is a fork of MediaWiki 1.1.0. under CC-by-nc-sa but has later returned to using MediaWiki. GetWiki features something that would be very useful for running Consumerium: XML-autoimport of Wikipedia articles that don't exist in Wikinfo, but exist in Wikipedia, letting them be mirrored until they actually need to be edited. Thus:

    Wikinfo texts default to the GFDL text corpus but authors can decide to use, or can quote, Creative Commons texts or other free documentation as well.

    In line with the biases of M.R.M. Parrott, it does not use the standard wiki URIs nor support an interwiki link standard nor is it participating in any effort to an interwiki identity standard. Accordingly it is unlikely to displace Wikipedia as the central GFDL corpus access provider.

    Wikinfo was formerly known as the Internet Encyclopedia and is primarily a project of Fred Bauder whom some have suggested would be a good Lowest Troll of Research Wiki.

    Wikinfo, an internet encyclopedia: - Wikinfo worked on this former address up to March 2013. Then it moved, and from May 2013 it will re-appear on its new address: .