Point of view

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    Point of view is a key concept in both Consumerium:User Stories and Research Wiki management. The Neutral point of view and New Troll point of view explain some issues in managing this. For more on the theory see Disinfopedia: point of view and w:point of view. Also the closely related idea of standard of evidence which varies with point of view and is thus "part of it".

    Important POVs include:

    Consumer Point of View

    Avoid multinationals, support small businesses

    Understanding that people employed by small and medium size businesses usually feel more fulfillment from their work and less distress then people working for giant multinationals you, the consumer, like to choose products from smaller companies whenever plausible. Consumerium Services make this a snap by providing fairly accurate measurements of company sizes. Wide group of voluntary researchers have accumulated enough data to make it possible to put each company into the right context of companies producing a certain product group thus providing relative company size in a glimpse. Get empowered without wasting time.

    Producer Point of View

    Get more accurate marketing for less

    Advertisement Videos streamed straight to and only to the interested potential customer provides a better focus for your marketing efforts. Audio-visual marketing is enabled for unprecedentedly small businesses and low volume products

    Investor Point of View

    Invest sustainably and get good returns sustainably

    Stay in touch with potential pitfalls in investments by using aggregate data from Opinion Wiki thus stay safe of investing in possibly destructive business ventures. Sleep easy with knowing that there is always someone awake looking after that your investment does more good then bad where ever it ventures. Socially responsible consumers are glad to reward your socially responsible investing over and over again.