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Continuing research in CorpKnowPedia. Slowly but steadily now that we have mysql backups.


Doing research for CorpKnowPedia i bumped into which shows the organizational complexity we at Consumerium:Itself with the help of CorpKnowPedia must tackle.


At CorpKnowPedia. I've asked them for MySQL dumps of old and cur tables so that what happened at Recyclopedia doesn't happen again. CorpKnowPedia is much more viable as an information source and may be of great importance to Consumerium operations.


More redundant copy-paste and other jobs at CorpKnowPedia. I think we are all waiting for MediaWiki 1.3.0 with XML export-import


Today I've been sorting publicly traded / not traded assets on CorpKnowPedia but there is a long way to go.


Here is the complete search term listing from our access.log (httpd) with numbers of accesses (clicks)

#reqs: search term
  -----: -----------
  98: near field communication
  78: wiki implementations (Alternate wiki-implementations)
  74: price premium
  73: gtin
  70: consumerium
  62: types of companies
  50: chat code
  46: systematic bias
  39: Gus Kouwenhoven
  37: sa8000
  35: simple english 
  34: Advertisement Video
  29: economic choice
  27: gpl explained
  26: political spectrum
  24: political consumerism
  24: list of controversial topics
  22: 3gpp files
  22: wiki code
  21: barcode standards

This is a list of references by search phrase by an external search such as Google. Note that some links use capitalization opposite to the visible link text.

The way NFC has shot up in the search phrase straight to the top indicates a buzz on this technology


Today is Juxo's day off


Yet another day on CorpKnowPedia. Also doing some work on OurAnswer which looks very interesting since they are planning to archive and comment upon statements made by company executives.

That is, mainly fixing typos of OurAnswer sysop who can't obviously write two lines in English without inserting three errors! P.

Seems the word is spreading today I grepped through Analog analysis of httpd.log and there were 91 distinct top level domains or TLDs that had accessed Consumerium.


Working on CorpKnowPedia.


I've been doing some work on CorpKnowPedia. It needs your help too and it may turn out to be of great value to Consumerium in the future. Consumerpedia on the other hand seems to have stalled after just starting out.


Exciting news with the emergence of Stockepedia, CorpKnowPedia and Consumerpedia. Since we are on the GFDL tip

You mean GFDL Corpus, and yes, you're right.

we don't care worry about them ripping us off like we originally planned to do to what is now known as Wikimedia. I'm sad that our trolls have receded to calling user-accounts, people or semi-people, trollherd or whatever you want or facsists and racists on Consumerium. Consumerium:Itselfs inability to react promptly to such accusations is a disgrace.

The Lowest Troll did in fact respond at Talk:Wikimedia and was refuted - obviously wrong on many counts about the rules of meta, who wrote the material, why it was deleted, and who originated the terms. Erik Moeller is an enemy - there is now apparently a "troll jihad" against him, maybe for his overt political opposition to w:consensus decision making - something he ignorantly announces on his own w:User:Eloquence page (having obviously not read the article which answers all his made-up "concerns", at least, until he performs sysop vandalism on that article too, to "make his opinion correct" as seems to be his habit). But the only obvious racist is EN: Wikipedia: User: RickK. There are three or four obvious fascists, but, they may only be fascists in this one silly online context. All "accusations" have been backed up with exact quoted evidence, unlike the ones they make with thelir echo chamber. And all of this is only relevant "here" insofar as it determines who not to work with (like Wikimedia.
The real shame is that Wikimedia exists at all. It is an extreme disgrace.


Mental note to add w:Packaging and labelling to somewhere. Right now I'm going to go to the movies. Today I've been writing about Consumerpedia and CorpKnowPedia in Wikipedia and the other way around.

Good move; getting more people into those projects, particularly more who can undo stupid sysop decisions by User:DanKeshet, is critical to their survival.


Trolls suggest filling out Consumerium:Contributor interests so that important economics, math, ecology topics are all covered at least, by end of April. In May we should have a full analysis and good idea of the path.


I'm taking a couple of days off from this due to exhaustion.