Please sign and share the petition 'Tighten regulation on taking, making and faking explicit images' at initiated by Helen Mort to the w:Law Commission (England and Wales) to properly update UK laws against synthetic filth. Only name and email required to support, no nationality requirement. See Current and possible laws and their application @ #SSF! wiki for more info on the struggle for laws to protect humans.


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This site no longer exists.

OurAnswer seeks to be a large public wiki with faction support. It focuses on markup of politicians' and businesspeoples' talks and speeches.

Transcripts are posted on the wiki, and various political factions add their comments. Then these commented versions are turned into replies that are sent back to the original politicians and business leaders, as the combined voice of all the wiki'ers. So it is a feedback medium on one aspect.

OurAnswer is not online as of 20:55, 4 May 2005 (GMT) --Juxo