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The political spectrum is only reasonably described objectively using the colours that various factions have chosen or would recognize to describe their concerns and common values. We invite them to write very detailed summaries of their own beliefs, and try only to summarize them here as:

There are others but they are unlikely to take anywhere near as much interest in Consumerium Services as any of the above.

The main ways in which this matters are the forming of tendency and factions in the Consumerium Governance Organization, the different refactoring priorities they apply in the content wiki and even in the R&D wiki (Pinks for instance hate factionalism and stereotypes and so try to deny they exist, which in many cases is just a sheer power grab to let them quietly define all terms themselves). Recognizing the factions up front that exist in the real world helps identify where each political attitude can help Consumerium Services as a whole. As a rough stereotype guide imagine:

For instance, Blues could ideally help with the self-funding and prediction market and other betting aspects, and perhaps interface to corporate purchasing. Pinks on the other hand would be better directed to fair trade problems and projects to get rid of slavery and child labour. Reds would waste everyone's time on the funding side and would inject useless rhetoric into the campaigns, but in general they would be great Consumerium researchers, translators, etc.Greens seem to be more scientific and disciplined than any of these others and have a doctrine that actually evolved after 1960 when many things about the real world were known that were not known when other ideology originated.

This kind of division will help divide the Consumerium social club up into creative networks that can each do great work separately that they could not do by trying to co-operate in areas where they have values that just clash.

It takes all kinds, to make a world, and to make moral purchasing power too.