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Welcome, newcomers to Consumerium Development Wiki, where fair trade, political consumerism, and moral purchasing trends, all essential to our philosophy, are being pieced together into what we call moral purchasing power.

Consumerium itself is a not-for-profit project to enable display of product information to consumers and feedback to the producers to enhance the consumer experience and to keep this planet as hospitable as possible.

A couple of ways to start exploring Consumerium are the Brief introduction and Consumerium:FAQ articles. There are also other essential projects, such as Simple English Wikipedia (.org) and Sourcewatch.org and many others that we hope to introduce you to.

We are collaborating under the GFDL license, to design a healthy buying infrastructure. We are identifying hardware requirements for storage, transport and display of varying levels of product information to consumers and feedback to producers at the point of purchase to enhance the consumer experience, advance product development and to keep this planet as hospitable as possible.

There are currently 1,171 articles of Consumerium development related work.

Managers wondering about the impact of this on their business should read The Executive Summary page.

To contribute corporation information please review Research:policy first. When these issues are clear Research Wiki will be available - until then please contribute such information to Wikicompany or CorpKnowPedia.

Our Links offer a comprehensive list of moral purchasing related information resources.

Proceed to the Article hub for more access points to this wiki.

For editing practice, try playing in the Sandbox.

We invite you, if you wish, to participate by editing proposals and discussions below. As customary in many wikis any page can be edited by anyone, anytime, or restored to a previous state by anyone, which is the convention we assume will also apply in operation in this (combined) Research and Development Wiki; Please see What Consumerium RD Wiki is not, guidelines and rules for do's and don'ts.

Selected articles[edit | edit source]

Looking for info on companies and products now? - Planned Features to The Consumer - Consumerium Services
Planned Research Wiki - Planned Publish Wiki
How Consumerium differs from Wikipedia in a nutshell

Use w:Wikipedia to link to http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia (and m: to meta). Avoid unnecessary replicating, we're in the GFDL part of the world after all :)