From Consumerium development wiki R&D Wiki is the improved software that is a fork of MediaWiki, in use at Wikinfo. It should probably be listed in the comparisons of wiki code.

    Technical Features[edit | edit source]

    • Full support for wikitext standard
    • Auto-import of Wikipedia articles via XML using PHP's Expat Library
    • Improved use of CSS styles (colours, positioning)
    • Cleaner output to the browser, PHP code underneath
    • Well-formed XHTML, replacing deprecated HTML 4.0 versions
    • More integrated and effective use of CSS2, beyond font colours
    • More intuitive User Preferences page
    • Clearer labeling and checkbox placements
    • Fixed user login retention and other fixes
    • Better use of licensing notices on pages
    • Image thumbnail display

    Further Improvements[edit | edit source]

    Serious Development Culture drawbacks[edit | edit source]

    Anyone considering using GetWiki should review the critical point of view of it taken at Recyclopedia. It would appear that the primary developer, M.R.M._Parrott, is a simple control freak with no capacity whatsoever to engage in a standards process or work within a deliberative democracy. He seems also to have a strongly commercial bias though he tellingly accuses others of having same. He seems further to have objected strongly to deletion of his own biography from Wikipedia, but has no conscience about deleting necessary standards-related articles from Wikinfo to make it harder for mediawiki developers to find, and etc..

    GetWiki is a fork of MediaWiki (like PhpWiki is a fork of UseModWiki)

    A better explaining external "fork" link

    Technical features copied from under the clauses of GFDL