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Consensus has a range of definitions from unanimity to various levels of majority.

Since there must be one matter or issue being debated, any consensus begins from a sympathetic point of view with the power structure that decides it exists or that (at least) it is time for debating and voting. A dissensus may begin from the assertion that the concept is not worth debating or discussing - but of course it cannot be ignored if those debating it (sysops) will make a decision that affects also the trolls.

Within the frame of any one decision:

Unanimity minus two has a certain advantage as a level for use in a wiki. It may become the standard level for most decisions of the Consumerium Governance Organization, simply because it reflects what goes on in an wiki revert duel so perfectly.

See w:consensus and especially w:consensus decision making for a deep discussion of advantages and disadvantages of various levels of consensus depth.