Consumerium plans as of 2013

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    Technologies especially FOSS ( Free and Open Source Software ) has a key role in making the Consumium goals possible. A lot has changed since 2002/2003, the means are here at reach to make Consumium work in the real world. lot of the information described in the Goals and means of the Consumerium project is available from DBpedia w:ontology and w:datasets ( from categories and from infoboxen ) and also from Wikidata(.org) which was initiated in 2012. will have it's own and we sync from multiple sources ( both DBpedia and Wikidata )

    MediaWiki, it's extra namespaces, templates, categories, extensions, widgets and bots ( all running on Debian GNU/Linux LAMP-servers-from-cloud ) need to be finetuned to work together.

    Templates will be widely employed to add categories to articles.

    All languages will be served from single wiki utilizing mw:MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle.

    Costs of infrastructure[edit | edit source]

    The most computer resources in the original plans were the means to serve the Advertisement Videos but today those can be embedded into wiki from so that's taken care of and we require zero investent to enable serving videos.

    Manual work / automized work[edit | edit source]

    The most human resources demanding was the entering of the Business and Product data but with the emergence of DBpedia we can have extensive datas on 40,000+ businesses fully automatically and many many other entities/articles.

    Issues needing resolving[edit | edit source]

    The licensing issue of whether to go with GFDL + CC-A-SA double licensing or just one of them needs to be well thought out and solved.

    Name change[edit | edit source]

    In Spring 2012 the decision was made to change the name of the effort from Consumerium to Consumium

    Wiki structure[edit | edit source]

    Consumium wiki structure is much in a state of change at the moment, but the current design plan is to serve all languages from a single wiki much like Translatewiki is doing and to have a second wiki for file uploads ( like the commons ) and to use Single-signon with the two wikis, so that the user accounts are global.. With the coming of the Universal Language Selector we will likely adopt the form of /wiki/Article_name_in_English/fi instead of /wiki/fi/Artikkelin_nimi_suomeksi.

    Developers needed[edit | edit source]

    Template designers to design templates obviously, Mediawiki extension programmers to implement voting system and feedback delivery system

    Licensing[edit | edit source]

    I think Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License is a natural choice but I'm not sure. Surely it would make little sense to license the votes so keep them copyright of the user i.e. have the templates used for quick voting will be under CC-A-SA but the actual votes are not under GFDL or CC-A-SA.. Right ? This can be done by loading a dump into a temp database and deleting everything in the User-namespace and redumping.

    Changing the name of the effort from Consumerium to Consumium[edit | edit source]

    The Lowest Troll has unilaterally decided it's better to drop the letters "er" to arrive at the effort being named Consumium, instead of Consumerium and has registerd the domain to be used for the Implementation Wiki meanwhile the Development Wiki ( this wiki ) may remain at it's usual address or be moved to , this is an open question of low urgency and importance.

    What kind of information Consumerium / Consumium plans to offer consumers on businesses?[edit | edit source]

    These last two will have to be recorded on a per w:locale basis obviously for which there are MediaWiki/extensions ( such as LandingCheck and MediaWiki/widgets ( such as the upcoming MediaWiki/widgets#Universal Language Selector to automize the process of displaying the info for the locale the Consumer is in according to her/his browser.
    • What else...

    Consumium wiki structure[edit | edit source]

    The old plans called for having two wikis either Research Wiki and Publish Wiki ( suggested by the trolls, focus on distinction of researchable stuff from publishable stuff ) or Content Wiki and Opinion Wiki ( suggested by User:Juxo, effort founder, focus on isolation of factual content from subjective opinions ) but currently it looks like those plans are scrapped in favor of having only one Implementation Wiki to minimize governmental overhead.

    The upcoming Universal Language Selector conforms to the MediaWiki style of having the language code coming after the article, not before it, though our method would be navigationally perhaps better.

    Primary structure[edit | edit source]

    1. X/fi- Finnish langauge article on Business X
    2. X/en - English langauge article on Business X
    3. X/sv - Swedish langauge article on Business X

    (these are all the languages that I'm fluent enough to sysop)

    • X - Article on Product X
    • X - Article on Brand X
    • X/feedback - Feedback sent to Business X
    • X/reviews - Reviews of Product X
    • X (for businesses that have a few or one outlet(s))

    MediaWiki extensions[edit | edit source]

    See MediaWiki/Extensions for a newer list of potential implementation phase extensions.

    Images via $wgForeignFileRepos[edit | edit source]

    We can have Company logos etc. from Wikimedia Commons, no need to upload a gazillion logos just for use in Consumerium. See Commons images for "Coca Cola" or logos of companies in Quebec etc.

    from wm-bot: InstantCommons is a feature for MediaWiki 1.16+ that allows any MediaWiki installation to use media on the Wikimedia Commons. This has basically been realized via $wgForeignFileRepos. See <$wgForeignFileRepos>. If you're only looking to use images from Wikimedia Commons and no other wikis, you can use the shortcut setting $wgUseInstantCommons to true.

    Using Youtube to serve videos[edit | edit source]

    Ads and Anti-ads can be served from Youtube to mobile or desktop devices using the Youtube-widget.