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    Relatively newer plans[edit | edit source]


    for sure

    • Manual: - pretty self explanatory. gotta have a Manual:-namespace it brainmaps well
    • Widgets: - Widgets are an extremely safe way of being able to have HTML code in the Widgets:-namespace
    • HowTo: -


    • Why?:
    • Reviews:
    • Cookbook:
    • Game:

    could be

    • Business:
    • Brand:
    • Product:
    • ...

    but the last ones maybe shouldn't be namespaces but categories..

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    Oldplans[edit | edit source]

    The contents of this article are currently being argued upon. See the talk page for information about this.

    There are seven namespaces used in Consumerium itself:

    All may be debated in an associated talk namespace. Each of these namespaces has an associated "Talk" namespace for a total of fourteen.

    Do not confuse namespaces with categories.