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Wikidata (.org) is a knowledge base, an effort to store and serve structured data to Wikimedia wikis and to a more limited extent to other parties. Wikidata effort saw the daylight in 2012.

The underlying software is the Wikibase which consists of 2 Mediawiki extensions, the repository extension and the client extension.

Wikibase allows interwiki links to be managed with Wikidata removing much contributor annoyanges, redundancy and error-proneness.

Wikidata is obviously a main source of reference level data once it is technically possible for non-WMF wikis to access the data items.

It can be accessed outside of WMF wikis with with

Main entry point of any Wikidata item is a JSON dictionary, that has this form:

{“labels”: by-language dictionary

“descriptions”: by-language dictionary

“aliases”: by-language dictionary

“claims”: list of property and values

“sitelinks”: by-language dictionary}

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See also[edit]

  • Database for a higher level view of what is going on with the databases
  • Semantic MediaWiki is system for inputting and querying semantic data within the MediaWiki and it is implemented as extension(s).
  • DBpedia the original structured data harvesting effort for the MediaWiki wikis