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DBpedia (.org) is a community effort to enable the web moving "Towards a Public Data Infrastructure for a Large, Multilingual, Semantic Knowledge Graph".

Today the DBpedia data sets contain a wealth of information structured into ontologies. This structured data can be queried with SPARQL query language at their public DBpedia SPARQL endpoint.

There are many methods how the DBpedia ontology and datasets could be used in the Consumerium implementation stage wiki. One of these would be to install the LinkedWiki extension.

Ontology classes useful for implementing Consumerium[edit]

All DBpedia ontology classes

DBpedia datasets[edit]


At DBpedia there is ongoing work on what is called DBpedia Databus to take their game to the next level. Databus Alpha was published in May 2018.

History of DBpedia[edit]

DBpedia began as an effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia infobox templates and categories and to make this information available on the Web with the initial release on January 10th 2007.

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