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    Translatewiki (.net) is a wiki for doing translations and will be the site where Consumium is translated.

    Special:Translate done by mw:Extensions:Translate with mw:User:Nikerabbit et. al. in the controlls so expect nothing but great stuff from this effort .The extension also implements an mw:API and mw:locale ( ! )

    The clean changes extension which ( text below from mw:Extension:CleanChanges under GFDL ):

    The CleanChanges extension is based on enhanced changes list, 
    but it tries to be more concise by hiding less important information by default. 
    It needs JavaScript to be fully functional. 
    It works best in wikis where changes per user ratio is high.
    It also provides two extra filters: by user and by language code suffix.

    notice by language code suffix

    See this URL shows RecentChanges of articles ending in '/fi'] This is done with MediaWiki/extensions#CleanChanges so Translatewiki is proof that multilingual data entry into a wiki can work. Their approach is very EPOVy but I think this can be tolerated to achieve many languages in one wiki like Translatewiki and, etc. lists all extensions used there. Especially interesting is Universal LanguageSelector ( which as of 2012-07-02 has not been released yet )