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So Consumerpedia is a name for a new thing combining Research Wiki and Publish Wiki in one place? If it's just the Research Wiki, then, why is it separate? Inventing names is a bad idea, though, if "Consumerpedia is the most trusted source used by Consumerium Services" that is not entirely bad. But if that's the plan, then, you must get, and it's a disaster not to do that before you announce the public name!

And what format is this data in? Consumerium:intermediate pages? Or some free-form thing that can't be processed automatically, so is useless to make a Consumerium buying signal?

Also, if everything there is GFDL, with no Consumerium License of any other kind effect, then, it can be used to enable lots of different services that may compete with Consumerium Services, including, used by lying brand management types to spread good news about very bad products.

But there's probably little choice if the point is to suck in Wikipedia's coverage of these things.  But if so, why not use Recyclopedia?  That's a better approach probably, though their focus is more narrow on vegan and some anarchist stuff, that's almost certainly the right place to start.

Only Pinks think that social justice can or should be achieved before natural capital is safe, so Consumerpedia may be really the Pinkpedia, while Recyclopedia might be the Greenpedia.

Is it reasonable to let the Research Wikis be different based on your faction or institutional buying criteria? If so it's quite powerful but might mean we are moving more quickly to Distributed Consumerium, starting with factions not starting with languages. Which is OK by trolls, if it's managed right.

Apparently however it's down. So, it's not getting off to a good start.

Is it ever coming up again?

Nope it's up and running it's just that the GodKing User:DanKeshet put apache to give you 403 which means "access forbidden" for your current ISP, you might consider using an open-proxy which are a hot ban issue on Wikipedia. Apparently he did not get the MediaWiki ban feature to function as expected. I had nothing to do with the decision to ban your adressess, nor do I approve his actions based on your radical editorial approach previously in other venues. He says he is considering to open access for once the culture there is stablized. You are still free to use Consumerium Development Wiki, I just wish you wouldn't start calling User:DanKeshet a facist or something at least in a very trollish fashion --Juxo 16:32, 2 Apr 2004 (EEST)~
Look, you deal with a piece of shit, you get results which are shit; User:Angela is busy destroying Symbolwiki, the shit is spreading. And User:DanKeshet is not welcome at Consumerium until he undoes this. As trolls made clear, we did only the minimum work possible to ensure that the Consumerpedia does not go off and invent its own terms for well-defined and necessary things to keep wikis reflexive. We aren't willing to compromise on any of that, nor tolerate competitive projects that claim to be allied ones, nor sysop vigilantiism in any form. He's PROVING he's a fascist, by doing this instead of talking about it. It's no longer possible to work WITH him, and we won't. He pulled similar unilateral power plays at Wikipedia a few times, harangued to delete stuff that didn't fit his pet model of politics there, etc..
He's also violating the GFDL by putting technical barriers in place to reading the material or retrieving it in wikitext standard form. Why should trolls not contact every company he writes about negatively, and invite them to form a class action that would invoke this GFDL violation?
Inferior, mediocre, people, inventing sysop power structures that empower them, since no one would seriously choose to give them this power if they didn't take it, aren't the kind of people that real people should be working with.
That said, who cares what Consumerpedia does? It's worthless if it's run that way. It's now just one of many sources for Research Wiki. And not a good one. Accordingly, it should have no special priveleges or help from "us", and you should stop referring people off to it.