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    A link transit is the clicking of a link from one web page to another. It is exactly this which is paid for in most link-back web advertising schemes. For instance, a pornography provider wants to know which of several search engines has referred people to it, so it can reward that one with additional business or direct payments.

    Or, Wikipedia editors would want to know which links between articles are most heavily transitted so those connections can be elaborated. Unfortunately Bomis owns this information due to its exclusive controls over the Wikipedia web servers and 3/5 majority control of the Wikimedia Board of Trustees. This is just one good example of Wikimedia corruption. Bomis of course denies using this information to further its commercial business - see below*

    Consumerium Governance Organization will reveal link transit data to all Research Wiki users so that the most heavily referenced and transitted links will be obvious, and can guide further work to improve the GFDL corpus of information about those topics, and better document connections or relations between the topics on the most heavily connected of the pages. It will be against the CGO's principles to let anyone control or hide this data.

    use of link transit data to improve Consumerium Services

    • identify common link paths people take through the Research Wiki and note if they take any action, e.g. registering individual buying criteria at the end of certain paths more often than others, i.e. what is influencing people to rule out certain types of countries or types of companies
    • identify uncustomized articles (e.g. from Wikipedia or better Wikinfo) that are being referred to by Consumerium uses, assuming import like GetWiki, so that more focused versions of these can be prepared in some priority order
    • identify the articles people are often reviewing *last* to determine if there are turn-offs or confusions in the article base that could perhaps be made easier
    • identify the average length in time or bytes of a typical "read" through several articles and see if there is anything that can be done to make it more focused or enjoyable
    • identify when users call for help or use other command verb facilities to see if certain content is causing such calls more often than other content

    is Bomis using Wikipedia link transit data ?

    • According to several people who wish not to be named here, but I know them to have shell access to all servers:
    1. There is no software on the servers installed that produces reports of link transit
    2. No-one is downloading the daily logs which amount to some 5GB/day
    3. The wikimedia developers wish to make 142.X.X.X an open invitation to write code to report the link transit data and post the code to some wiki and they will run it.
    Bah. Why would anyone who is libelled and IP blocked based on lies participate in any process with these people? Let alone write code for them to make them even more powerful. The right answer is to simply assume Bomis is already running it, and put the burden of proof on them to assert to the Wikimedia Board of Trustees that they are actually NOT running such things.

    See Village Pump on this issue

    Again, there is no discussion in such an unequal power relationship.