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142.X.X.X is an uber Troll;

142.X.X.X is a w:robot; it examines wiki history for controversy and pastes text into related articles;

142.X.X.X is a w:cult; it has beliefs, priests, rituals;

142.X.X.X is like super-paranoid, but if you think about it actually quite brave, since IP addresses expose the same publicity as people on the street.

142.X.X.X is hopping around a /8 address space to attract operators; especially those with short skirts and long, slender legs

142.X.X.X is probably from Canada;

142.X.X.X has sometimes opposite to the troll nature managed to write whole new articles that aren't misleading, incomprehensible and ultrademanding to fix for those trying to keep some sense to all of this, but actually informative and well written, such as Styles of capital.

142.X.X.X is the ideal source of information for extreme standards.

142.X.X.X says: Cross linking is critical, so pick phrases carefully in titles. It is impossible to fix this later, if the phrases are wrong.

Feel free to confuse 142.X.X.X with 142.177.X.X who are probably different trolls, but clearly don't want different "identities". Trolls are like that...