Licensed deliverables

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    Licensed deliverables are registered with Sourceforge as several projects, e.g. dividing the project into three parts to deal with contested terms.

    Executables may also need to use the same license as the label data if there is a lot of markup specific to some faction that only that faction can be trusted to unravel for its own consumers. These licenses must be simple enough that label data and executables that use very different variants, can still interoperate, though perhaps with a warning or fee charged (Greens could not prevent the military executable from using their data, but could charge or them using it, while those using Green executables use it for free, and those using Pink executables use it for less). Since almost all label data becomes a contested term, we have to assume controversy on day one. In an object-oriented component the label data and executable would be delivered as one - and only the basic tags in the XML schema would be agreed upon by all factions.