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    The Consumerium glossary is those terms which are closely related to understanding Consumerium's goals. They should be defined in Simple English. Consumerium Concepts can then be defined in terms of the glossary and the 2000 words or so that are in the Simple English.

    There are three types of terminology shift that we may need to make to Simple English Wikipedia to make sure that terms are correctly enough defined for us to use in a non-confusing way:

    • adding terms that the general public does not yet know, e.g. ecoregion
    • narrowing terms that are usually understood too locally, e.g. "safe"
    • broadening terms that have many different ways to define, e.g. "fair"

    In addition it might be necessary to simply fix definitions of terms that are wrong, e.g. "done" or "person", most people simply do not understand that legal and moral definitions of these can vary widely and drastically.

    The preliminary list of terms to ensure are defined correctly and compatibly in all languages, without all of which Consumerium makes no sense or can't work:

    First discussion of these was in Talk:urban ecology - discuss in Talk:glossary from now on.

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