Centrally controlled information economy

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A centrally controlled information economy exists in several places to provide Consumerium Services and regulate the Consumerium buying signal:

  1. Within Central Services to handle Consumerium maintenance bids - this would become publicly visible in Transparent Consumerium to let anyone bid, with the right training, and much less centrally controlled in Distributed Consumerium
  2. Within the content wiki to guide the Consumerium buying signal. In effect, people are bidding more credible reports and shorting less credible.
  3. Within the Consumerium Governance Organization to assess risks of the Consumerium License terms (less participation by Consumerium developers with some terms vs. others, less compliance with the terms depending on how restrictive they are, less power of self-funding and reducing the bad copy problem if they are not restrictive enough, etc.)
  4. Potentially, within the Consumerium developers themselves

In all of these situations, a schema must be tightly controlled to be sure that the maintainer, content provider, legal governor, and developer are co-operating with each other effectively. A single ontology to cope with all of these and the protocol requirements will probably be difficult to create.